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Subscribe to get a bi-weekly newsletter in English, covering Swedish development cooperation. Global Bar Magazine is Sweden’s leading online magazine on global development and development cooperation with articles published daily (mainly in Swedish). It provides in-depth analysis and fast news coverage on issues that matter for all who are working with development cooperation or in the foreign policy field with an interest in climate and development. In addition to our current service, we have now started a bi-weekly newsletter in English.

Insight into policy discussions and political processes

With one percent of GDP assigned to development cooperation and a solid policy base, Sweden is one of the key actors in the development cooperation field. Sweden is also a significant donor, contributing to the core funding of multilateral organisations and several large Swedish and international CSOs. The newsletter will include news on Swedish development strategy processes, disbursement of funds, update on new contracts and staff in the Swedish development sector, and insight into policy discussions and political processes.

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David Isaksson
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Monika Gutestam Hustus
Editor, Development Sweden

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A newsletter on Swedish development cooperation and policy


A newsletter on Swedish development cooperation and policy